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The sunshine in Toronto almost makes up for the frigid temperatures.

Florida is a popular winter destination for some Canadians. The combination of sunshine and mild temperatures year round is a huge draw. For most Canadians, though, getting away in the winter is not an option. So the question if you want to live in a big city is: would you prefer the frigid

temperatures and sunny skies of Toronto or the more mild wet weather and gray skies of Vancouver?

For me, as long as I have remembered my hat, gloves and scarf and have on a warm winter jacket, I prefer the sunshine despite the cold. There is something mind-expanding about looking up in the sky and seeing brightness glittering on the snow. That brightness affects our moods, making us more optimistic and happy. There is a reason yellow is such a vibrant uplifting colour whereas gray makes us more mellow.

Give me yellow over mellow any day.

P.S. My colleague shared with me a lame joke: What does a ghost say to a bumble bee? Boo bee, boo bee.

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