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Before and After

Before and after photos are effective ways to advertise weight loss methods.

I am not taking anything away from the achievements of these women. In viewing these three photos, though, it occurred to me that I could probably do both the before and the after photo in a 3 hour period.

For the before:

1. Pull your hair up into a do like you just woke up;

2. Wear an ugly unflattering bikini;

3. Stick your belly out as far as you can; and

4. Slump a bit.

Now scowl into the camera.

For the after:

1. Get your hair professionally styled and coloured;

2. Spray on your tan;

3. Find a beautiful bikini;

4. Suck your belly in;

5. Don't breathe; and

6. Stand up as straight as you are capable of standing.

Now smile your biggest smile into the camera.

Before 9 am...and after 11:30 am...

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