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Pool Party

Summer is the only time in Canada for pool parties. My three older kids enjoyed a wonderful time with their friends at a pool party on Friday celebrating the end of school.

Also last week friends of ours were kind enough to give us their inflatable 16 foot round above ground pool. The on line video made it look so easy to inflate. All six of us started yesterday with a hand pump, which I do not recommend. That morphed into picking up my dad's electric pump such that the top lip is now looking really good.

We then started filling the pool with water. All four of my children had a blast splashing and soaking themselves and each other while the water was on yesterday, followed by a nice warm bath. But the pool looks like an upside down mushroom with a hernia. It has about a foot of water in it and has ballooned out at the sides in an unhealthy looking manner.

My children are immensely excited about swimming in the pool this afternoon so I obviously need help to complete the installation. Should be an interesting morning...

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