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Ashley Madison

Apparently Ashley Madison has 37 million users worldwide.

Many of those folks are likely a little nervous these days. A hacker has published two "secret" profiles on users, one of them a Mississauga man who has been married for 20 years with a young child who had paid the site $19 to have his profile permanently deleted. That same hacker group has threatened to publish all 37 million profiles if the site is not permanently shut down.

Launched in 2001, Ashley Madison has been courting controversy ever since. It is owned by Canadian company Avid Life Media. Some accuse Ashley Madison of encouraging heartbreak, divorce and damaged children. Others claim it is merely a platform to more efficiently facilitate the indiscretions that have been going on since marriage was first invented. With 37 million users, it is obviously meeting some sort of demand in the marketplace.

Ashley Madison promises its users discretion in the collection of information about their sexual predilections to facilitate them breaking their marital vows. By virtue of being an online platform and thus vulnerable to hacking, it appears that Ashley Madison has in turn broken its promises.

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