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Wonderland Wonderful

Today at Canada’s Wonderland it was cold and windy with no sun to speak of...therefore the park was empty. My three older children did 38 rides in 8 hours. I only kept up with 26 of them. Body sore!

We started with the Great Canadian Mine Buster. Four times in a row without having to leave our seats. There is something so retro about the feel of a wooden roller coaster. The climb with the noise on the tracks, the height and feeling of being suspended, the bumps, the successive stomach drops. It took me back 35 years to Sandusky, Ohio.

Then we rolled to the Back Lot Coaster. It had a totally different feel, far faster with sharper turns and some upside down action in the dark. Four times in a row there as well. The lure of Sledgehammer kept us for two rides followed by Nightmare which my boys liked enough to do twice.

The tickets were a birthday gift from my parents for my three eldest kids. They paid for parking, admission and a meal. After Nightmare, the four of us went to eat. The meal ticket did not include a drink. $4.50 later for one coke to split...

On a full stomach, we ventured to the other side of the park with the bumper do some people struggle to drive...and the Wild Beast, another retro wooden roller coaster. Five times on it in a row. It is about this point that I can feel every bone jostling around in my body.

We spent another $9 for two juices from Subway. The park now has a Tim Hortons, a Starbucks, and a few Subway locations, all new this year. Everything in them is double the price you would pay were you not in the park. My youngest son noticed that there were subs that cost over $15.

Towards the end, we spent $70 on games and the two boys won four basketballs in 12 tosses...Cleveland for my eldest, LA Clippers for my youngest, San Antonio which they gave to their sister, and LA Lakers for the baby and daddy to split. I rationalized the expense by figuring it only cost $17.50 per ball...not that we needed four more basketballs.

The agreed upon plan was to leave the park once we had won some prizes and got wet. Hence after winning the basketballs we went on White Water Canyon...twice...and got completely soaked. That wise “plan” flew out the window once the three of them realized they could have mommy hold all four basketballs, three baseball hats, and sit and shiver while they did 12 more rides - four more times on the Vortex, seven more times on The Wild Beast, and once on Boo Blasters, never once having to stand in line.

“Are you in the NBA?”

“No, I just have athletic children” would be my reply between chattering teeth.

When we left the park at 6:25 pm, I jacked the heat and headed home. Somehow despite there being no sun all of us had red rosy cheeks.

I would highly recommend Canada’s Wonderland on a cold and windy June day.

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