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Mark Riedl, Breakthrough Athlete

What makes good athletes great? Why can some players translate their high performance in practice to a game and others cannot? How do you as an athlete break through your hurdles to perform at your peak when it counts most?

My friend Mark Riedl has been fascinated by those questions for years. A jock his whole life, he is an elite basketball coach. He incorporates sports psychology into basketball programs to improve players’ skills and abilities to ensure they can achieve peak performance when they play the game.

He runs after school basketball programs in Toronto along with private clinics and workshops. He also works with coaches and trainers to elevate the play of their athletes. The techniques he uses and practice therefrom create high performance physical and mental basketball skills.

My children attended his camp this summer. He is a great guy and a super coach. It is nice to see him marrying those skills in his business.

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