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Winter Thaw

There are numerous inspirational quotes about the cold weather that envision sweaters, hot chocolate, books, sitting by the fireplace, and hanging at home. In Canada, those quotes apply to the fall weather and the early spring weather.

It is tough to find inspiration from a truly cold Canadian winter day: your face becoming numb the moment you leave the house; your snot freezing on impact; your high fashion puffy Midas-Man outfits; feeling the wind slice through your body like a knife; contemplating how long underwear or snow pants will protect your legs; and shuddering at the wind chill as you run/shuffle around outside.

It is thus with great relish that I have been embracing the gray drizzle the past few days because it has been consistently above zero. I even went for a couple of walks outside instead of on a treadmill, which were quite glorious.

I know winter isn't near done yet and wind chills of negative 20 are imminent but it is a pleasure to have a brief winter thaw in the middle of January. It helps me keep my spirits high while waiting for spring.

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