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Foamfest 2017

Day 25 of summer: 5K Foamfest

Sunny, warm, blue skies...we arrived 30 minutes in advance, checked ourselves in, and prepared to get muddy, foamy and wet. We were not disappointed. There are 22 obstacles throughout the course, ranging from spider webs to climbing ropes to hurdles to mud crawls to mud baths to water slides to tires in the water to lily pads across a stream. If you have any illusion you will not get wet and muddy, that is shattered the moment you land headfirst into muddy water then fall on your bum in the mud while exiting the slide. Once you accept the reality, it is a ton of fun.

My boys ran with our friend's husband and finished in record time. My eldest daughter and I ran together, which meant we jogged 25% of the time, walked 50% of the time, sprinted (her only) 10% of the time, and had me piggy back her the remainder. We were happy just to finish. Our friend and her daughter hung out with my youngest, who enjoyed bouncy castles set up for those too young to race. Popsicles were enjoyed by all after the race.

After the event, we went to the nearby Montana's. My kids were so hungry all four of them ordered and finished seconds off the kids' menu. That meant we received eight free desserts, which worked out beautifully because there were eight of us. Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream sandwiches all around.

It was a great 25th day of summer.

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