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Christmas Church Sales

'Tis the season for Christmas Church Sales

I was in our F150 truck with my four children by 9:45 am this morning, heading to not one but two Christmas Craft and Bake Sales. The three older children each had $7 to spend and they were busy planning their purchases.

The first sale was at St. Luke the Church of Lutheran at 3200 Bayview Avenue. In the church basement were about 10 very friendly older women manning tables with garage sale type items, baked goods and some crafts. One of them gave each of my children free stickers. The church had on offer homemade muffins and hot apple cider for $1 each. After my children wiped out the stuffed animal table, spending the bulk of their allocated $7 each, they each enjoyed a homemade chocolate chip muffin. In the meantime, my youngest bought a mommy doggy figurine with puppies, blanket and bed. She refused to put it in a bag and insisted on walking around the sale, barking loudly and frequently. I had a cup of cider which all three older children declared “gross” and bought homemade brownies, cookies, butter tarts and banana bread.

With limited resources available, we arrived at our second sale at Bayview United Church at 2609 Bayview Avenue. This sale was completely different. When we entered through the back door, we could hear lots of noise, talking and bustling about. There were about 65 people there of all ages, 40 of them sitting at tables and chairs eating rice pudding, peaches and prunes, hot cinnamon scones and special bread on offer for $5 each. The remaining folks were either manning craft or baked goods booths or shopping. Three boys, all hockey players ranging in age from 5 to 10, had baked and decorated shortbread cookies in the form of Christmas trees and angels. My children had one each and declared them excellent, so we bought two more to bring home for their daddy. The three boys also had candies on sticks to sell and my baby had a wonderful time wandering through the sale eating sour gums and jujubes off of a stick. I left with rice pudding, peaches and prunes to go, and we headed home to play with our new stuffed animals and to finish our goodies.

It was a really nice way to start a Saturday. I am now on the hunt for two more sales next weekend.

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