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Cut & Colour

A good cut and colour is worth $300.

Our family lives on a budget. I shop at No Frills, Costco and Walmart. My kids count their quarters and our clothes are generally second hand. We vacation on points. My family knows the value of a dollar and I pay my kids to help around the house. I even sell some of my kids’ stuff to Once Upon a Child when they are done with it.

But I never scrimp or try to save money on my hair. I have been going to Fiorio on Cumberland in Toronto for 21 years and am frankly quite dependent on them. Stephen has been highlighting my hair for over 20 years and Megan has been cutting my hair for a couple of years. I rely upon both of them to make my hair look good. I would rather go see them once every five months than try to find someone who will cut and highlight my hair for less money every three.

Even though it costs me $300 every time I go to see my hairdresser, when I leave there I feel good.

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