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Fast baby

My baby is a faster runner than me.

Yesterday morning I was trying to change my 1 ½ year old from her pink flannel pajamas into her pink fleece sweats. Diaper and pants went smoothly but she scrambled away once I took off her pajama top. I was teasing her that mommy was going to catch her and started chuckling when she took off at a run. She went from the hallway through her big sister’s room through their bathroom into her room back to the hallway and around again. She was chortling while speeding around and her chubby little legs and arms were flying. And she was fast. She did about four laps at breakneck speed. When did my toddler - who could hardly walk a few months ago - become such a rapid little runner?

I had my first of four babies at age 35 and my last at age 42. Being an older mom is a benefit in many ways. I enjoy every moment with them. I know they will only be young for a very short period of time so I truly live in the moment when I am with them. I am calm where at a younger age I would have been more excitable. I am good at my work and am able to arrange my schedule to spend time with them. I bring my baby to work with me. I love to hear the three older ones talk and tell me about their day, and I usually pay attention to what they are saying.

But I definitely don’t have the energy of my 25 year old self. When they want to play a rowdy game of soccer I tend to demur and have to exhort myself to play. They love to play baseball and although I thoroughly enjoy playing once I am out there, my initial thought is always “no, you go ahead.” Running around like a kid no longer comes naturally. They are faster and more energetic than I am.

I used to play beach volleyball all year round, outdoor in the summer and indoors in the winter. I used to play a lot of basketball. I used to run and periodically cross country ski. Now I’m lucky to take three brisk walks a week and do a bit of stretching.

My baby’s running has me motivated to head out for a brisk walk tomorrow so I can at least try to keep pace with her as she grows older and faster.

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