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Has anyone ever tried to pick you up in an elevator?

I was married at 21 to my husband of 23 years. He is good to me, a devoted dad and he always lets me know I am adored. So I have never been part of the adult dating scene. I don’t have girlfriends who are part of the adult dating scene. I don’t know the dating websites; I don’t know dating protocol; I am clueless. Other than being subjected to lame TV commercials for Quest after 10 pm, I know nothing. So I sometimes wonder how single adults meet other single adults.

Yesterday I had an insight into how it might happen. I was in 130 Adelaide Street West in Toronto and they have elevators where rather than press the up or down button, you press the floor you want and an elevator is dispatched to pick you up and take you to that floor. I had never seen such a system so when I and an attractive gentleman both got on the dispatched elevator K, I was ebullient and talkative. We exchanged banter about the elevator and he compared it to the two Scottish guys trapped in the voice recognition elevator that won’t move for them. He was imitating the Scottish accent and I was laughing. That led to him checking to see if I was wearing a wedding ring (I don’t) then asking if I was from Toronto and telling me he was new in town. When I exited the 26th floor and he almost got off with me rather than continue to his 29th floor, I knew if I showed more interest in the conversation, I would have had a date.

There is an adrenalin rush when you know another human being finds you attractive and wants to spend time with you. And where better than an 8 x 10 enclosed space for but a few minutes.

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