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My kids love to play shinny.

No matter the weather, my kids love to play hockey outdoors. Three of my children had a hockey clinic with Power Hockey this morning. When they arrived home, my two boys asked my husband if they could go play shinny at Riverdale Park in the afternoon. After two hours of hockey they wanted more. Even though he was suffering from the flu, he was also game to go again. Die-hard hockey dad, die-hard hockey kids... They all donned long johns because it was bloody cold along with pants, helmuts, gloves and sticks. It was a pleasure to watch them skate around the ice with about 17 other kids and 3 dads for two hours in the cold. Amazingly they lasted the full two hours.

After shinny, they came inside to their grandparents' place across the street from the park and gobbled down quantities of fresh buttered french bread and sliced medium cheddar cheese while watching the Juniors play on TV. We beat the Americans 5-3 in an exciting game whereby half the goals were scored in the last two minutes of play.

My kids will tell you that outdoor shinny is the best part of hockey. Given the Canadian Juniors' success on the ice, it is obvious that many Canadians share their views.

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