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A bit of glamour in your life

Everyone can use a bit of glamour in their lives.

I was in St. Jacobs with my two best girlfriends in November. While there I bought Christmas gifts for my mom, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. There was this wonderful shop that sold hand made scarves, hats and gloves along with sunglasses and earrings. I had fun choosing items that would suit the three of them.

When my mom opened everything up, she smiled and tried on the sunglasses and scarf. She looked quite beautiful. When my mother-in-law opened everything, she put on the fur lined gloves and the earrings which added some lovely sparkle to her outfit. When my sister-in-law opened them, she put on the hat, scarf, sunglasses and earrings and looked like one of those movie stars from the 40s who ride around in convertibles wth scarves blowing behind them. All three looked glamourous and pretty. The gifts brought smiles to their faces and added some glamour to their lives.

Adding a little bit of glamour into our lives from time to time can make all of us feel like movie stars.

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