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I cannot cook

I am a dreadful cook. Truly dreadful, not just kind of dreadful. Yet every day I need to feed my four children three healthy meals.

I am skilled at heating things up in the microwave. Hence it would be easy to shop at Pusateri's and McEwan's all the time and buy their prepared foods but the cost is prohibitive. My mom, God Bless Her, makes the kids a casserole or meatloaf each week which covers two meals. My three older children were enjoying The Lunch Lady which provided them with a healthy hot lunch during the week at a reasonable cost, but in November inexplicably (and sadly for me) they told me they were sick of The Lunch Lady. What to do...

My Executive Assistant sent me a link to which contained some interesting suggestions. I have purchased cook books in the past but you might as well write them in Greek. I can make a mean Kraft Dinner, great grilled cheese, buttermilk pancakes (from a mix that only requires adding water) and decent scrambled eggs but that is the full repertoire. As a result, most recently I have fed them the following:

1. Barbecued chicken purchased at Metro with fresh buttered french bread (also purchased), fresh fruit and yogurt;

2. Grilled Pork Chops, lean ground chicken burgers, fresh fruit and yogurt;

3. Kraft dinner, corn with butter, fresh fruit and yogurt;

4. Grilled cheese, chicken skewers, fresh fruit and yogurt;

5. Scrambled eggs, cereal, pancakes, bacon and fresh fruit; and

6. Chicken fingers with plum sauce, Heinz spaghetti (The Simpsons), fresh fruit and yogurt.

I aim to provide protein, carbohydrates, fruits or vegetables, and milk products at each meal. Out of necessity I will need to expand my repertoire in 2015 because my four childrens' appetites have increased significantly over the past month and I expect that trend to only accelerate going forward.

What to do...

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