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McDonalds does a lot right.

After my boys' hockey game last night in Vaughan, they were starving so our family stopped in at McDonalds on our way home. I could not help but notice how well McDonalds targets families with children. My kids aged 1 to 8 always always order a Happy Meal and always look forward to receiving the toy. Last night it was the book by Laura Numeroff "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", a series that my children enjoy, along with a simple game related to the book. The children ate their Happy Meals and the boys each had an extra cheeseburger given their growing appetites. All four of them then spent 20 minutes playing in the Play Place while their dad and I chatted at the table.

Obesity in America is a major problem and movies like "Super Size Me", whereby the protagonist ate 5,000 calories a day of McDonalds' meals for a month, have a legitimate voice. That being said, our family thoroughly enjoys a weekly meal at McDonalds.

Thanks McDonalds...see you next week.

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