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The Luxury of Reading

I love to read.

I prefer a good book to a good movie, a good concert or a good TV show. Before I had children I would typically read about 30 books a year, primarily fiction favouring cop, suspense and legal thrillers, with some self-help and romance thrown in to mix it up a bit. I would savour the adventure, drink in the settings and the characters, feel the emotions.

Then I had twin boys in 2006 and I stopped reading, other than diaper boxes to determine size or the price of kids shampoo. I tried to get through a book in the first year after babies and failed. One bloody book and I could not finish it. I tried again in year two and failed again. My first daughter arrived in 2008 so year three was a write off as far as reading was concerned. Now to be clear I read a ton of children's books to the kids. Every night we'd delve into at least one and usually three or four great kids books, often repeating the ones they loved. Sandra Boynton was a huge favourite and we read all of her books multiple times. My kids still like them.

It wasn't until 2011 that I finally was able to once again return to reading. My business colleague gave me the Twilight series and I read it from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed it. I realize it is targeted at young adults but I was just thrilled to be once again reading, no matter the level. I read 10 books in 2011, being the Twilight series and all the Grisham books I'd missed since 2006. It felt fantastic to get lost for a while in the stories.

It is a completel luxury to find time to read. I still read about 10 books a year even with the birth of my second daughter in 2013. I am currently enjoying Frederick Forsyth's THE COBRA after finishing his NO COMEBACKS last month.

I am grateful for the time I find to read. It is a luxury I can once again afford.

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