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Belly laughs

Last night my kids and I were reading JOKELOPEDIA, The Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever. There were jokes about fish and jokes about chickens. Then we got to the section on jokes featuring teachers.

PRINCIPAL: Esme, did you really call your teacher a meanie?

ESME: Yes, I did.

PRINCIPAL: And is it true you called her a wicked old witch?

ESME: Yes, it is.

PRINCIPAL: And did you also call her a tomato-nosed beanbag?

ESME: No, but I'll remember that for next time.

That one got me and my three older children laughing and we had to repeat it a few times with the laughter increasing each time. That joke was followed by another.

TEACHER: Sam, if I put a dozen marbles in my right pocket, fifteen marbles in my left pocket, and thirty one marbles in my back pocket, what would I have?

SAM: Heavy pants

My youngest son and I had already sped ahead and looked at the punch line halfway through the joke and we both started laughing simultaneously. That made my eldest son and my eldest daughter laugh. My eldest son tried valiantly to read the joke so he could finish and get to the punch line. Within a few seconds all four of us were in peals of laughter and we just laid in bed laughing and laughing. Every time one of us tried to read the joke again, the others would start laughing at "my right pocket". Even my 20 month old who obviously did not understand the joke started laughing along with her siblings because she caught the bug.

Everyone slept well and we were up on time and caught the school bus this morning without any major trauma. I am sure the belly laughs before bed helped set the positive tone for this morning. And when I read the above jokes I am still smiling and chuckling at them and the memory.

If only belly laughs could be prescribed.


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