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Moving Mayhem

We are moving into our fourth home in as many years and it is chaos.

Since 9 am this morning, my four children and I have been loading up our F150 with toys and sporting equipment and have transferred two loads from our current house to our new home. And where is all the space I've freed up? No clue. It seems as packed now as it was before.

My ambitious schedule today included packing up the kitchen, bringing over all of the toys and sorting and moving all sporting equipment. That was early this morning. It is not yet noon and my ambition is rapidly diminishing.

Our new home is cozy and homey and lovely. It is smaller than our current house. As a result, my theory was that I could sell or give away lots of items that simply would not fit into the new home. The reality became somewhat different. The first sorting exercises were excellent, sorting things into garbage, give away and keep. The second continued but by the third such exercise, we only had a garbage and keep pile and by the end, we gave everything remaining away...even stuff I know my kids want. We are now at the point where whatever remains must be moved because we are out of time.

At some point this year I am confident that we will be organized in our new home. With eleven months to go I can still afford to maintain that illusion.

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