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Vigorous Exercise

To do daily: moisturize, hydrate, don't eat crap and vigorously exercise.

Four tasks to accomplish. Four little tasks. Ughhhh.

I woke up this morning at 5:30 am because my baby wanted a bottle. After she went back to sleep 15 minutes later I decided to go for a winter walk. I know I should be exercising every day but for the past three months I have been decidedly lazy so off I went.

What was supposed to be a 50-minute walk turned into 75 minutes when I confused Tournament Road with Medalist Road in our new neighbourhood. A brisk, some would say vigorous walk had been accomplished. After needed after-walk stretching, I showered, moisturized, and realized my body felt good.

Two out of four tasks accomplished and it is only 9 am. So far, so good...

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