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Bob the Hamster joined our family over the weekend. We bought a cool cage through Kijiji and an equally cool Syrian short-tailed hamster at Pet Smart. And Bob is a girl.

Bob loves the night. She wakes up around the kids' bedtime. She loves to run and burrow and wander when it is dark. She runs for hours on her wheel such that the click-click-click sound has become a normal part of our nighttime sounds.

Our children love Bob and whenever they arrive home their first port of call is her elaborate cage. So far the cats have left Bob alone. This is somewhat helped by the fact that we don't let the cats into the same room as Bob.

I am lucky if I am still up at 10 pm. Bob is always up at 10 pm. And Bob has far more energy than I do.

Bob the Hamster has been a welcome addition to our family.

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