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A & W Nostalgia

When I was a kid, I loved A & W. The servers in roller skates would bring frosty mugs of rootbeer on a tray that would clip to the side of the car. The burgers were delicious and the fries and onion rings a complete treat. The whole experience was unique and etched in my memory.

In Bracebridge yesterday, as I was heading to Tim Horton's as a matter of habit, one of my colleagues pointed out A & W with some excitement. We veered there and went through the drive through. We had to park so they could bring out our food, but when it came my Mama Burger and onion rings were fantastic and my two colleagues thoroughly enjoyed their cheese burgers and regular french fries and sweet potato fries.

A & W is doing a good job of marrying the nostalgia of my childhood memories with a current experience of fresh hot tasty food. Next time you are heading to the same old, give A & W a shot instead. You won't regret it.

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