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Small Town Charm

Ontario has many charming towns.

Kirkfield, Ontario is a lovely place of 400 residents with a large seasonal cottage population of a couple thousand more. It is about 75 minutes northeast of Toronto.

The people are friendly and the food and conversation good. We stopped into Lenora's Tombstone Town where she sells $1 surprise bags, one for girls and one for boys. My two girls were so excited with their first bags they convinced me to spring for two more. Then of course we needed to bring two home for the boys. We ate at the local restaurant where the haddock and homemade butter tarts were good.

There is a large rambling estate called Sir William Mackenzie Inn where at the turn of the last century a local railway entrepreneur raised nine children on 1000 acres. Over time it has been reduced to 13 acres and is a sought after spot for weddings.

Soaking up the small town atmosphere and breathing the fresh air made for a most enjoyable day.

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