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Spiders in spring

Spiders are plentiful in spring.

Yesterday a spider was crawling across the floor in our basement. My youngest son killed it, becoming an instant hero to my toddler daughter. She kept repeating "spider dead Conor spider dead Conor".

My toddler daughter's view on spiders is more the norm than mine. They don't generally bother me whereas they completely creep out one of my business colleagues. She is known for her level-headedness and common sense until you show her a spider, at which point she becomes both animated and distressed. An esthetician I know was complaining about a spider infestation she was suffering in her yard, telling me they were everywhere...all over her garden, her porch, building nests in her light fixtures. She refused to go outside until her husband eliminated all of them. Another TV personality I know bought a house, lived there for a week, then sold that house because it had too many spiders. She returned with relief to condo living high in the sky.

Despite the bad press, I kind of like spiders. Maybe it was Charlotte's Web that fostered my fondness. I always figure they eat the bugs I don't want living in my house.

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