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Groove Back

I'm starting to get my groove back.

Last night I played basketball for the first time in three weeks. I scored the opening basket, cleanly blocked three shots, took down six rebounds and scored a second basket while drawing a foul. To give you the full unvarnished picture, the score ended up tied 26-26; I had five free throws, none of which I potted; and I still don't have the endurance back to play the entire game. But it was still good!

The best part was that my three older kids watched. They told me I played awesome (as opposed to the last time I played they told me I stunk along with my entire team and they didn't want to come watch again if it was going to be that bad). They then told their daddy that I scored four baskets, took down twelve rebounds and blocked six shots.

Next week I aspire to make real their version of my game.

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