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Golden State and the Cavaliers

The NBA final series is tied 1-1 with LeBron James playing well and the teams being tightly matched. Game one ended in favour of the Warriors 108-100 even though James scored 44 points. Game two ended with a 2 point lead in overtime in favour of the Cavaliers.

My basketball series ended last night as well. Around the end of the first quarter, our team heard my eldest son say in disgust "they are losing 12-2". That seemed to motivate our team and from there on we rallied to out score the "Ballerinas" by 7 points in the next three quarters such that with 43 seconds to go we were down 32-29. We called a time out to plan our strategy. Our team in bounded the ball to our post player who scored a beautiful swish, then we fouled the other team. We stole the ball through a full court press on their in bound play and with 23 seconds left, our forward scored another swish. The spectators erupted in a loud cheer. We won 33-32 and took the bronze medal in the league.

Game three in the NBA series happens tonight. Here's hoping it is also a nail biter.

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