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Andrei Vasilevskiy

Ah to be 20 years old and potentially playing goal in the tightest Stanley Cup series yet...

Tampa Bay's coach and Lightning fans are hoping Ben Bishop is able to play in tonight's Game 5. If he is not, a much broader audience will be rooting for Andrei Vasilevskiy, the Russian goalie chosen first by the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2012 and called up to the pros from the farm team last Christmas.

He shooed away the cameras in Game 4 because he is self-conscious of his English. He is thrilled to be playing in the big leagues. He is having so much more fun now than when he was sitting. He is the only goalie to ever wear number 88. He is tough and he is likable.

Universally we all feel for him. Imagine the pressure at that age; think of the stakes. If he plays well and manages a win in Game 5, Tampa has a 75% chance of winning the series.

Vasilevskiy playing would make Tampa the clear underdog in Game 5. Go Andrei!

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