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Everything hurts

My body is killing me.

Yesterday I took my three older children to Canada's Wonderland. We arrived at 11 am, having stopped at the office in the morning to print tickets because it was $60 cheaper to buy them online than at the gate. When evaluating options, the cost of buying one season's pass then bringing three friends was less expensive than each of us buying a regular ticket, and we then benefited from 15% off on everything we purchased.

The parking lot was more than 3/4 empty and we noted how few people were in the park. We started with the bumper cars and were able to do them twice in a row. We then moved to Clockwerx twice, then The Fly once which we hated. We spent three hours in the water park going on every slide and enjoying the wave pool. At 4 pm we had lunch then rolled to the roller coasters. Eight times in a row on MineBuster followed by five times on Backlot Stunt Coaster had me a little sore. The finishing touch was four times on White Water Canyon and five times on Timberwolf Falls. There were no lines and we usually did not even have to exit the ride to repeat. We ended by playing some games. Each of the kids won prizes along with an extra for their baby sister.

We left the park at 8:30 pm still soaking wet but happy. I woke up this morning finally dry but hurting everywhere. It was a truly great day!

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