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Multi-tasking Mom

Every working mom I know is a master at multi-tasking.

A typical day in my household:

5:55 am: wake up; check emails; write blog; review social media sites

7:01 am: hop in shower; ready self taking as little time as required

7:20 am: make children's lunches while preparing eggs for kids' breakfast and unloading dishwasher

7:30 am: wake up children; help them get dressed

7:45 am: feed children cereal, eggs and fruit

8:00 am: ready children for school; review homework; sign agendas; put lunches in their bags

8:25 am: drive children to school (usually done by my husband thankfully); feed the baby her breakfast; feed myself something

9:15 am: head to work with my toddler

9:45 am: review spreadsheets and cash flows while holding my toddler on my lap

11:00 am: take and make business phone calls while my toddler sits in my guest chair and colours while blowing bubbles with her mouth

1:00 pm: meet with business colleagues while trying to convince toddler to put her clothes back on

3:00 pm: eat something for lunch because now starving; make food for toddler

5:30 pm: take toddler to hockey arena to watch part of practice and drive one of the older children home from hockey

7:00 pm: arrive home; make dinner; ensure dinner is eaten; field complaints about dinner and adjust as required; insist that fruit and/or vegetables be eaten; restrict TV and computer use as required until food is eaten; badger and harass as needed

7:25 pm: feed and water cats

7:30 pm: load dishwasher; jam something that is leftover and usually cold into my mouth for dinner; enquire sweetly if my husband needs any more food; if so ask him to get it himself

7:50 pm: tell children nicely to be kind to each other; yell at children to be kind to each other; threaten children that if they continue to be unkind they will lose privileges

8:00 pm: girls in bath tub; boys in shower; start laundry

8:20 pm: girls dressed for bed; boys dressed for bed; brush hair; administer whatever medicine is required; put laundry in dryer

8:40 pm: feed kids snacks before bed

9:00 pm: kids to bed; brush teeth; read stories; tuck them in; sing to them

9:50 pm: brush my teeth and collapse into bed

5:55 am: repeat

The completely crazy thing about it is that I love being a working mom.

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