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FIFA Women's World Cup

FIFA Canada's Women's World Cup 2015 has been a success thus far.

This is the seventh FIFA Women's World Cup. 24 teams are in the competition. Canada automatically qualified as the host country as did all former champions. Another 134 countries competed for the remaining spots. The matches are being held in six cities across the country, being Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Moncton. There are 23 players on each team, including three goalies.

Canada has made it through to the quarter finals and is facing England on June 27th. The tournament favourites are Japan and Germany. The other four finalists are China, the U.S., France and Australia.

The finals are scheduled for July 5th. Whether Canada makes it through to the finals - definitely a long shot - or not, this World Cup will have been a success for Canada, for the world of women's soccer, and for all the young girls watching with their own dreams of glory.

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