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Jaws - The Reality Series

Approximately 75 people a year are attacked by sharks, with approximately 10 such attacks being deadly.

Mick Fanning, an Australian surfer, was the most recent to join that rare group. He was competing in South Africa yesterday when a shark attacked him and his board. He punched the shark in the back and was rescued without injury.

On Oak Island in North Carolina, there have been eight shark attacks since June of this year. Prior to 2015, this island last recorded a shark attack in 1853. No one has been killed in the U.S. this year but two children lost limbs to the sharks. The early summer heat wave has been blamed for the recent spate of attacks.

JAWS, released in 1975, has earned $470 million worldwide. It tapped into the primal fear that sharks evoke in most people. The challenge this year is that what Spielberg did on screen is playing out in real life beaches around the world.

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