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Chris Froome

Chris Froome is well positioned to win his second Tour de France tomorrow.

The 30 year old rider, part of Team Sky, was born in Kenya. He has been racing professionally since age 22, having entered his first bike race at age 13. Over the three week Tour de France, he has built up a lead of over one minute. Despite a last minute challenge by Nairo Quintana in the mountains, Froome is slated to glide into Paris on the Champs Elysee as the winner tomorrow.

Since 1903 the Tour de France has been challenging cyclists with France's two mountain ranges, the Pyrenees and the Alps. It is a 21 day event covering 3,500 kilometres and ending in Paris. Approximately 190 riders participate in 21 teams. Most of them look like Froome, tall, slim, blade-like.

Anyone who chooses to climb mountains on his bicycle deserves admiration. Tomorrow is expected to be Froome's second time as the best of those admired mountain riders.

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