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Birthday Week

Turning seven is special.

My oldest daughter is a December baby, meaning she is always the youngest in her class and on her hockey team; she always has to wait to be the same age as everyone else; and she always risks not receiving birthday presents because Christmas is right around the corner. Rather than be upset by this, she has taken a page out of her Aunt Wendy's book and embraced her birthday, turning it into a week long affair.

Yesterday she had candy for breakfast with us; lunch at a cooking table restaurant with her grandma; dinner, crafts and cake with her Nana and Papa; a gift from her friend Amy; a text from Marisa; a call from her nephew Ryan; and more cake with us when she arrived home. Today she will have treats with her classmates at school and will attend Ryan's production of Cinderella with Wendy. Saturday she will celebrate with her hockey team and next week she wishes a party...of course.

I think she has the right idea.

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