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Lilliputian Villages

Greenterra makes mini cottages.

There is a trend in building right now towards self-sustaining off-grid tiny houses. I was chatting with Don Taylor from Greenside Electric yesterday. He is a leader in Muskoka in solar paneled houses and commercial buildings. He was telling me about Greenterra, a company that has been around for 20 years and that builds all manner of houses, including tiny ones.

The monster "cottage" has been a trend for so long it is fascinating that some people are rejecting that idea and seeking a green cottage on a much smaller scale. Some of these are as small as 250 square feet, some as large as 850 square feet, but the point is that you can enjoy a wonderful home in a much smaller space, and if you want to you can go off-grid and be wholly self-sustaining.

Cool concept...


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