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Brady vs. Manning

Patriots vs. Broncos

38 vs. 39 years old

6 foot 4 inches, 225 pounds vs. 6 foot 5 inches, 230 pounds

Gisele Bundchen vs. Ashley Thompson

Married six vs. fourteen years

John, Ben and Vivian aged 8, 6 and 3 vs. Mosley and Marshall, both aged 4

Six vs. three times in the AFC Championship game

One vs. two wins against the other in the AFC game

15 years a Patriot vs. 14 years a Colt, 3 years a Bronco

ACL injury in 2008 vs. neck injury in 2011

Two wins each against the other in the playoffs

Four vs. one Superbowl wins

Two vs. five MVP League awards

Tune in January 24th for the next match up.


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