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Selling Savvy

My three older children seem to have a knack for selling. There is little surplus money around our household these days so if they want something they have to earn the money for it themselves. Necessity is a good teacher.

The kids played hooky from school on Friday and came to Bracebridge to set up for a large multi-vendor garage sale. They organized their tables, priced some items and took all stuffed animals out of bags. After they were ready they put signs up all over town, neon yellow with black magic marker. They finished the evening swimming in the Quality Hotel's indoor pool.

At 7:30 am Saturday morning we hauled the tables outside, they positioned all of their items in groups, put all 200 stuffed animals on a big tarp in front of the tables, and opened for business. Starting at 8 am they had customers pretty steady for the next four hours. They bargained, priced on the fly, discounted as needed and haggled a little. They also ensured that all of those items that the baby did not want to sell (her list kept expanding) were not sold.

Once it was clear that they had made a bit of money, each of them went to the other vendors and "scored" new stuff for very good prices. Thankfully despite the new additions we still had far less stuffed animals at day's end, and each of them made $47 for their efforts.

My aunt complimented their business savvy at such a young age, and thinking about it I was impressed with them as well. They are pretty capable kids.

After cleaning up from the garage sale, we swam at Bowyer's Beach for half an hour then hit Webers on our way home. It was a great couple of days.

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