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Public Pool Pleasure

Toronto has some great public pools. Riverdale is definitely one.

My four children had a wonderful time this afternoon swimming, water sliding, ducking under the umbrella shower, somersaulting underwater, and trying to complete a hand stand while splashing around in the water. And it cost us nothing for almost two hours of water fun.

The pool was not at all busy. There were maybe 40 people there in a pool with a capacity of 425 and with about 10 lifeguards on duty. Parents with children splashed with smiles all around in the shallow pool while older children and some middle aged folks swam in the deep end. The pool was ringed with people reading or socializing, just soaking in the sunshine on their bare skin.

The phrase "but you're not European" came to mind as I watched a few folks on the deck but overall the experience was a fabulous family outing. Thank you Toronto for supporting your public pools.

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