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5K Foamfest

Our team name was The Walton Warriors but it should have been called "Hurry Up Mommy."

The team consisted of our three older children, their cousin, their adopted uncle and me. I brought up the rear and it took us one hour and twenty minutes to finish the 24 obstacles on the 5K course. You start with eight feet of foam, move to a crawl through the mud on your belly, fly down four different water slides head first into a pool of mud, wade in a large mud puddle, go up two different ropes courses, climb up two muddy hills with ropes, hunch through two spider webs, bounce through a few castles, bound across large logs and launch yourself at about five lily pads to finally finish in a massive spray of water, foam and mud.

Dagmar Ski Hill was a great venue for the race, and there were 5,000 people participating along with their cheering sections. A wave of people started running every 15 minutes starting at 8 am with the last run starting at 3 pm. Our start time was 1:30 pm. We had a cheering section of four and they were brilliant at taking pictures and encouraging us along the way. We left with medals, towels, popsicles, tons of dirt in our shoes, a plan to do it again soon, and great memories.

I woke up with different sorts of memories, muscle memories long forgotten...until this morning.

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