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Kellie Leitch's Immigration Test

Kellie Leitch, a PC leadership candidate, believes in a “unified Canadian identity” that includes equality of opportunity, hard work, giving back to the community, equality of men and women, as well tolerance for all religions, cultures and sexual orientations and the rejection of violence as a way to solve problems. So far it all makes sense.

She wants to test immigrants views on the above issues before letting them into the country. She says “This is about protecting Canadian values and people that believe that women are property, that they can be beaten and bought or sold, or believe that gays or lesbians should be stoned because of who they love, don’t share in my opinion, basic Canadian values,” Leitch said.

I completely support the underlying objective. Why would Canada want new citizens whose beliefs are antithetical to the freedoms and values that Canadians as a society embrace? How can that concept be controversial?

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