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Private Eyes Worth Watching

Private Eyes is a complete pleasure to watch.

An engrossing, entertaining private detective series, it is intriguing without being disturbing, all while making you smile. The Global show highlights many of Toronto’s neighbourhoods with a visual familiarity and detail that will bring back your own memories of those places.

Jason Priestly, 47, and Cindy Sampson, 38, both Canadians, have obvious chemistry as two private detectives working together as Matt Shade and Angie Everett. Their supporting cast includes a Newmarket native named Jordyn Negri as Shade’s blind teenage daughter and another Canadian, West Coast native Barry Flatman, as his blue collar father.

The plot lines are engaging but not complicated, and the action is fast paced enough to investigate and solve the case in the 45 minute format while still permitting enough time to delve into some of the characters’ back stories and personal dramas.

I started watching it on demand in late July and just last night finished the last of ten episodes. It was well worth the time investment.

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