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R.I.P. Arnold

Arnold Palmer was a legend in the golf world. Along with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, he popularized the sport, greatly expanding the size of the golf audience.

Born in Pennsylvania to a stay-at-home mom and a dad who was groundskeeper for a golf course, he learned golf as a boy. He didn’t become a pro until his mid-20s. Between age 29 and 35 he won seven major championships.

Married for 45 years to his first wife until her death and 11 years to his second wife until his death, he was a solid, affable, good looking family man from a modest background. When he played golf, it was with both risk and emotion. A number of his finishes were full of drama, perfect for the television audience.

He purchased the golf course where his father worked and owned it until his death. Ranked the sixth best golfer of all time and having earned in excess of $30 million from golf and related ventures during his lifetime, his was a life to be admired and celebrated. R.I.P. Arnold.

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