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Babies Sleeping

Thankfully my children could generally sleep through any commotion, noise or loud conversation. They still can. On that note, three of the four are fast asleep right now.

I was looking forward to watching an episode of Two and a Half Men, Mike and Molly or Seinfeld before bed, but my little one had other plans. She generally goes to preschool but this morning she declared she didn't want to go to school. Hence she spent the day with her daddy watching our boys play two games of baseball then had a really long nap in the afternoon.

As a result of that really long nap, she is currently keeping me company as I write this. She has started rubbing her eyes and yawning a bit and she is resting her head against my chin and leaning into me, so maybe she'll nod off in the next 15 minutes or so. Or maybe not.

How can I complain. She is a darling and I am lucky to be her mom. Lucky, lucky, lucky...

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