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Ten out of ten...

We had two for one tickets from the Lucky Charms containers...three boxes, three free tickets. We tried to go on Wednesday afternoon at 2:55 pm at Colussus. We were there 20 minutes ahead of showtime and there were no seats together...none. The six of us would have had to each sit separately. No fun.

We went back this morning at 10:40 am for the 11 am show at the Scarborough location. Cineplex kindly let us use the Wednesday passes this morning, and we snagged four seats together. The baby sat on my lap.

It was a fantastic show. Matthew McConaughey voices Buster Moon, the main character, a somewhat slippery koala bear who wants to save his theatre. Rosita, Gunter, Johnny, Mike, Ash, Meena, Eddie, Ms. Crawley and Nana Noodleman make up the cast. The music is excellent. The characters are likeable. There are a lot of laughs. And it has a happy ending.

What's not to like?

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