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Hello Snow!

Toronto has received 10 cm of snow today and another 5 cm is expected before night fall.

My children have been in their glory having created three elaborate forts in our backyard along with a small makeshift ice rink. A number of chairs from our patio set are scattered throughout the lawn as are bamboo poles, buckets, shovels and curiously part of my blender.

En route to the boys hockey practice this morning, I was behind seven massive snow plows and two traffic control vehicles with signs mandating that cars stay 100 meters behind them. That was just on the Collectors. There were another nine snow machines in the express lanes. Same on the way home. The highways themselves are snowy but being managed by the plows. The accumulation is most noticeable when you transition from the highway to the off ramps where in some cases your vehicle is attempting to vault over four foot high banks created by the plows.

The view from my back window is quite beautiful. Snow is falling and the trees and yard are covered with clean whiteness. Is is also mild outside. In many ways it is a perfect winter day.

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