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Church on Sunday...on Sunday

My nephew Ryan is part of Church on Sunday. He writes the music, sings and plays guitar. His band mates are Scott who sings and plays bass guitar and Dan who plays drums. They played The Rockpile in Etobicoke on Sunday night in an all ages show. Three of my children came with me to watch and to hang out with their aunt.

Church on Sunday played six of their own songs and two cover songs. One of their songs was new. Their music is in the genre of Green Day or Good Charlotte. They are showmen and the crowd of about 50 people enjoyed the music and the banter.

All of my children like the music and know all the words. We bought my four year old construction grade head phones to deafen the volume and she bopped and head banged her way through the set, all the while singing to Staring and Control Freak.

My nephew is a talented musician and a hard working person. He holds down a full time job, just got his license, writes music in his down time, and practices with his band. The band performs one to two gigs a month. Watching him grow up into the person he has become has been a complete pleasure. He has talent and is working hard. Now he just needs a little bit of luck and who knows, he just may become famous...

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