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Wonderful Wonderland...Day Two of Summer.

Playing hooky to head to Wonderland for a day is a sacrosanct tradition in our household. Yesterday was the day. It rained for 40 minutes straight before noon and all the rides were shut down during that time, so we went to the water park. The water park soon opened despite the rain and we did almost all the slides and the wave pool in the rain. We had a blast. The park was sparsely populated given the weather and that most kids were still in school.

The sky then cleared, the sun came out, and we had our fill of roller coasters, food, drinks, and games. My daughter won a massive rainbow emoji and the boys won basketballs. They each won a stuffed animal for their baby sister who was at preschool. It was seven hours straight of fun.

It was a privilege to hang with my three oldest for seven straight hours with no electronics of any kind. A great day!

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