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Selling Stuff

Day Four of Summer: Time to sell stuff.

Six weeks before Aunt Susie gave the kids $24 in loonies. Three weeks before we set the date aside. Two days before I advertised on Kijiji and Craigslist. The morning before my eldest checked the weather to ensure it looked clear. The afternoon before I retrieved change. The night before all five of us created and installed signage; organized and divided up the change into pouches; and hauled up a bunch of stuff right in front of the door to take out in the morning.

5:45 am Saturday morning everyone was up raring to go. Tables were set up. Early birds started arriving at 7:30 am. We officially opened at 9 am. Breakfast was eaten while the kids sold. I just kept hauling more and more buckets of stuff up from the basement. By 1 pm we closed up shop.

As my Aunt Debbie said "anything that goes outside is not coming back in." Against that back drop, Nana and Papa made the mistake of coming to check on the sale around noon. They finally escaped sometime after 4 pm, having been roped into helping clean the now clear basement, helping clean the now clear garage, and helping bundle the stuff that was ready to be taken to Value Village and the dump.

I fell into bed exhausted but completely happy with the results. The little one earned $20 for her efforts and the others each pocketed $78.20. Our basement is clean and looking fabulous. Our garage is clean and looking fabulous. I am smiling.

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