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Friends in Remote Places

One of my friends was kind enough to invite us to his 305 acre, formerly mobster-owned island. I told the kids we were going on an adventure. The journey required a two hour drive followed by a 35 minute boat ride across choppy Lake Nippissing. In the open lake, the boat was jumping and juttering, tipping and turning, pitching and planing, throwing off lots of water. My four children absolutely loved it.

He and his spouse were incredibly kind hosts and the children rode in the mighty machines, explored the woods, checked out the bullet-ridden cars, ate loads of sirloin burgers and very few vegetables, played in the surf and the sand, turned on every flashlight they could find, petted the dog, fished, and ate potato chips while admiring the big sky view from the large bay windows. It was a grand adventure. Their favourite part was the boat ride to and from the island.

In the car on the way home, my children asked me what I would do if I won the lottery. I told them I already had.

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