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The Emoji Movie.

Warned by friends that the movie's ratings were just awful, I tried to convince the girls to see Despicable Me 3 instead...but they were having none of it. They had viewed the trailer and insisted we see The Emoji Movie. And they thoroughly enjoyed it. It captured the attention of my four year old and eight year old for the full hour and a half.

After spending $24 on tickets and $7 on one regular popcorn to share, no extra butter, with three tap waters on ice, we settled in. The movie was colourful and the animation was interesting. The story was pretty typical: be true to yourself and you will gain a friend and may find true love. All content was appropriate for kids and the story was easy to follow. There was a lot of in your face product placement in the movie, featuring Instagram, Just Dance, You Tube, Candy Crush, Spotify...

I am glad the girls enjoyed. The boys would have hated it.

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