Rainy Days

Yesterday was warm and rainy. Today is colder and rainy. Sunday is expected to be warm and rainy.

Fall in Canada means rain...and lots of it. I often see people all dressed up in the rain desperately trying to avoid getting wet. Understandable, I suppose. But the better approach may be to embrace the rain. Let it get you a little wet...or a lot wet if you are somewhere close to warmth. Jump in the puddles. Let your kids jump in the puddles. Smile when it rains. Go rainbow hunting after a rain. Embrace it because you cannot change it so you might as well enjoy it.

Maybe even find someone you love and dance in it.

#rainydays #danceintherain #letitrain #embracetherain #getalittlewet #jumpinthepuddles #smilewheitrains #rainbowhunting #danceintherainnormawalton #normajeanwalton

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